Welcome to the illustrations & such studio of Aron Vellekoop León. 
Aron (Fuerteventura, Spain 1987) is a Dutch/Spanish illustrator and visual artist, currently living and working in Amsterdam.

As a visual storyteller, Aron loves to push concepts to the max and transform complex information into clear visual imagery. Finding and conveying strong concepts will always be the primary goal in his practice. Form then naturally follows function in the most clear and minimalistic ways possible. 

Next to his illustration practice, Aron is very passionate about abstract painting and drawing. Please check out his personal work at aronvl.com

Feel free to get in touch for more specific inquiries and questions, or anything else you’d like to share after seeing the projects.

+31(0)6 55 16 84 22

Studio Address
Amaliastraat 5
1052 GM Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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